UR242 Latency problem

I use Cubase Pro 10.5, Windows 10, the latest UR242 drivers etc.
When i use a template special designed for the UR242 and open it, the latency (5 ms) works perfect.
But when i save the project as a new template and load it again, the latency goes as high as 20 ms or way higher…
The same happens when i save the template as a new song, the latency goes higher then what i had set in the driver, any setting makes no difference. And the latency monitor goes to full.
As i said, is goes perfect when i load the UR242 templates, but not my own.
Any help is welcome.

Regards, Terry.

Edit: i solved it to enable Constrain Delay Compensation, don’'t know what that has to do with recording vocal, without any vst loaded.