UR242 Latency

Hi all,

My UR242 arrived today so I quickly set it up, connected the guitar and fired up guitar rig 5. I’ve tried multiple settings regarding the ASIO setup but have found 48Khz with 64 Samples to be sitting at around 8.9ms which is great. However there’s a very slight lag when I play. It’s hard to explain as it’s not massively noticeable but I can definitely feel the difference between my playing and the sound. It’s more noticeable when playing faster.

I’ve swapped USB ports, tried running at 96Khz, switched guitar rig from hi to normal quality etc and I still have that noticeable lag.

My PC is no slouch although it can always be better. AMD FX8350 with 8Gb of ram. I’m running windows 10 and guitar rig from a Samsung 840 Evo SSD.

I’ve run latency Mon which shows green across the board.

I’ve watched videos of people using much cheaper interfaces with no perceptible lag between their playing and the audio and it’s starting to drive me a bit crazy. Has anyone else had a similar issue?

well it depends on what you consider annoying as a delay time.I’ve noticed that some of the presets have more latency than others and sometimes the cpu shows as over when the real usage is below 10% so I’ve dropped guitar rig 5 from my gear.
8.9ms is what I get with my 242 and if I switch to ASIO4ALL I get around 10ms without glitches.
I did a small experiment…I set the dsp mix fx mixer to the lead channel and panned it to the right.I then ran guitar rig and set a heavy gain preset(i think it was ratm or sth) and panned it to the left.There was a chorus effect latency but not annoying when playing.That’s how I noticed that other presets had more latency.Go on,experiment…
my rig is AMD FX6300-8GB-Kingston SSD so not that far off.