UR242 Linux bug


A question for Steinberg engineers.

I have UR242 as high quality sound card. This card work mostly fine under Linux on kernels 3.14.x-4.4.x, but sometimes my system began periodically hang after booting KDE or during work. Situation arose almost every fourth and fifth boot when I can’t open any multimedia app (SMplayer, DeaDBeeF, youtube in browser, etc) and my operating system hanging. If I shutting down the system, I see message «Saving sound card state» and my laptop can’t executing power off or reboot procedure. Hard reset of power off only is possible.

In logs I see like that:

окт 09 22:47:21 mjollnir kernel: current rate -1688731388 is different from the runtime rate 44100

On kernel bugzilla said me:

“This indicates that the device returns already a bogus value. And reprogramming the sample rate causes a hang on the device and the system.”

Can it possible? How to fix it? Can you help for me?
You can connect to this thread on: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=116961

I’d be most surprised if you do get support on this… that’s got to be a driver issue IMHO. Watching with interest. :smiley:

What distro are you using, is that a RT Kernel?

I’m using ROSA linux (http://en.rosalinux.com/), with ROSA kernel (with bfq and nrj patchset). This is not RT kernel.