UR242 no have headphone output in daw and

Hi everyone! I use ur242, installing newest tool for it. But i can’t see headphone output at any daw (i’m using Reaper and have both Cubase and Studio 1) to send click and cue to it. Anybody to help?
In addition, recently, i plug ur242 to ipad but dspmixfx app show fauil connect to ur242 but i still can use it for garaband, amplitube… but i can’t affect at dspmixfx app for pan, solo, mute…

It has only two outputs. The phones plug doubles the main out…

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I can’t understand why steinberd did that. Haizzz.

Same as the other UR units, but on the bigger ones you can choose which mix gets sent to the HP output. The UR44 would do what you want as it has 4 outputs.