UR242 not working with Cubase AI (windows 10)

Hi, my friend recently purchased a UR242 which came with Cubase AI. Both products are installed.
Both products work HOWEVER … when the DSPMix is turned on and then the Cubase AI is started, the following message appears “cannot use USB port, it’s being used by another application”.
Now I thought this would be simple plug and play seeing the two products are made for each other.
Extremely difficult to troubleshoot.
As soon as Cubase is turned off the interface seems to be working, ie: the input one levels change on the dspmixfx screen when a mic is plugged into the UR242. As soon as Cubase is turned on the dspmixfx goes a lighter shade, the mic no longer registers and the usb error message appears.
Thanks in advance

I think you cannot use Cubase and dspmix of the ur series at the same time. But you can control all the interface settings from Cubase. I’m not 100% sure about this, better check the manual. It works slightly different with ur-c series interfaces. So I cannot try it now. But I remember when using ur44 I couldn’t open dspmix when Cubase was running. But that was apparently by design.

If you turn off direct monitoring in Cubase?

Yes — the functionality of the dspmix fx app is taken over by Cubase and won’t work when Cubase is open. I think this video explains it. It talks about how it works in Cubase at about 6.25:

In the mixer in Cubase, show hardware in the racks section and you will find the controls:)