UR242-Only hearing left channel through Headphones

Headphones plugged into the phone jack on my ur242 only play the left channel of whatever application I’m using, in and out of cubase. Of course a work-around in cubase is setting all audio channels to mono, but I still only get one channel when listening to itunes or any other app. Is there any way to get both L and R channels out of the headphone jack?

Note both headphone speakers are playing but only one channel comes through both of them.

Maybe you have a headset with a trrs plug (stereo audio+mic) or an adapter of some kind? Those things sometimes give the effect you are describing.

In a case that was recently described in the forum, it helped to switch the loopback function on and then switch it off again.
Problem mit der Stereoabbildung bei Output über Kopfhörer (UR 242) - Auf Deutsch / Cubase - Steinberg Forums

The headphones are 1/8" trs only going through a 1/4" adapter.

I had no luck with that unfortunately.

Try some other headphones just to be sure, that is my tip.

I think your tip helped me troubleshoot the issue. The second set of phones worked perfectly on both channels, and I think it’s because of it has two rings on the 1/4" plug, one for each channel, whereas the 1/4" adapter for the first set only had one. Thanks for your help!

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