UR242 Power Adapter

Hi there,

I bought the UR242 earlier this week but have been sent a product with an EU power supply.

I purchased it from dv247.com so will go back to them as my first port of call, but wanted to know if there’s an official UK adapter in existence/available.

Any view on this would be appreciated :slight_smile:

mine came with a UK one(those removable ones-I don’t remember if there was also an EU one in there) but all you need is the extra bit that goes on the adapter.Besides they should get you a UK one just because they trade in the UK and should warn if only an EU plug is included.They are owned by the german musicstore.de as far as I know and that’s probably why you got the EU one.I’ve ordered a Digitech loop pedal from DV247 and it had both the removable UK/EU heads included.