UR242 under Ventura… please release an update!

Hi! Dorico user here. I was soooo pleased to see that Dorico was fully ready for Ventura that I upgraded… but when I opened Dorico, no sound, no Steinberg driver… I’ve seen that it’s planned, but I dare say I was disappointed. Please, release a driver, so that I can listen through my monitors (and not through my MacBook Pro’s speakers)

I don’t know why, but now my card is recognized and I get my audio out of it. I guess I don’t need an update after all. Maybe all I needed was to reboot (again) ?

I have a similar problem - the cause may be the same.
After installing Ventura 13.0, the audio interface UR24C is only activated after re-plugging the USB connector on my iMac. That is workable intermediate solution but certainly not for long term. Anyone who can help here? Thanks!