UR24C DAW Volume Help

I’m a newbie. So go easy please.
I am streaming Spotify on my laptop. I have the UR24C Selected as my playback device. I am in DAW mode. I am using RCA jack output to my speakers only. The Volume knob is lit white and when I move it I get no change in volume. If I use the volume knob under Output 1 & Output 2 … the closer I get to DAW the volume in the speakers goes up but it is extremely low. Has great sound its just that the volume is like at a 1/4 turn of most audio equipment. My laptop audio volume is full blast. I do not have Cubase open or any other software other than Spotify. What am I doing wrong? Should I not be able to playback Spotify or streaming YouTube through the UR24C?

The Mix knob controls the balance between the inputs and what is coming from the PC(DAW).
For playback only, like listening to music, it should completely point to the DAW side. That assures that no input signal is mixed to the playback.
And now you can control the overall volume with the output dial on the far right.

You should use the Main output instead.

To use the RCA you need to reconfigure something with the dspMixFx software, I think…

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Thank you for the help. That is definitely something I didn’t know, however, as to the problem I posted, I believe the low sound is due to either the speakers I have or the Speaker Cables I am using. I hooked it up to a Creative Labs DAC I have from 2005, which still works fabulous, but the same thing is happening there. I been wanting to get some good speakers/monitors anyway, so I will revisit this post when the budget allows. Thanks again on the info about the Mix Knob and the dspMixFx. You definitely helped me out with that too.

Which speakers do you use?
Active or passive? Passive speakers need an amplifier to work properly…

Yeah. Im pretty sure Passive. I got them years ago with a Harmon Kardon Sound System. They were hooked up to an amp in that system.

Infinity. They were awesome with that System. Im thinking the UR24C or the DAC from Creative Labs isn’t for those.

Yeah you need active speakers…
Mackie has some cheap and small sets… but don’t try to save too much.
I have a pair of passive speakers since more than 25 years now…
still my HiFi system since the mid-nineties… only changed the amp from time to time…

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Update. Hooked up a set of M Audio 4" BT monitors and works great now.

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