UR24C heaphone monitoring white/static noise issue

Hello, I just bought a UR24C interface to record guitar with and beforehand I had watched the Steinberg " The Guitar Recording Kit | UR22C USB 3.0 Audio Interface" video guide, and also read the manual. The video is for a UR22C, but surely the 24 can achieve the same?

I’m having an issue with a lot of constant static noise when plugging my headphones in (DT880 Pro and MDR-7506). And that’s without anything else plugged in, just power and the headphones, so supposedly no added interference. Regardless if I’m powering the unit via USB to different ports on my PC, or with a 5V adapter. Also without enabling the HI-Z input, at minimum gain for both channels, phantom power not enabled, and even with the headphone volume knob turned way down. If I touch any of these the noise gets worse.

Could someone please advise if I’m doing something wrong or if perhaps I have a bad unit? I don’t think it’s normal to have this much noise. It’s really a lot.

Thanks in advance.

Forgot to mention that this only happens when I’m trying to monitor in input mode. In DAW mode it works fine. When I start playing an instrument especially it sounds really bad and distorted plus the background noise.

I have a URC22.
Mine works fine with no noise at all unless you have the gain maxed out. I assume you have the latest driver version?
Other than that I would suspect the input/DAW blend pot is faulty???