UR24C suddenly not detected/working

Not sure what has happened but my interface has suddenly stopped working. The usb light on the UR24c constantly flashes and the output light cycles one for about 2 seconds and then off for approximately 4. The unit is powered but no longer detectable by windows. I have tried all the USB ports including those on a usb expansion PCI card. I have tried different leads and also tried the 5v DC micro usb too.

I have not updated any software and I can only assume the hardware has failed. I purchased it new about 5 months ago.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you


That is not fun. I hope you can resolve the matter. I believe Steinberg warranties their products for 1 year.

While I’m not a Steinberg Support rep, I can point you to some info:

Here is their Hardware RMA information:

Have a look at the troubleshooting chapter in the manual.

Hi Steve,

Many thanks. I did work through the manual troubleshooting but its not listed.

I have also contacter the retailer to see if they have any suggestions.