UR28M and Cubase Control Room - do they play nice together?

HI -

I’m getting my UR28M delivered in the next week or so, and have been reading the manual, the forum, and doing the youtube thing trying to get ready. I would plan to have a little verb coming back into the singer’s headphones, but not printed. Cubase 7.5.20.

Is it easy to keep the Control Room and the UR28M from stepping all over each other? I could see getting all confused with outputs, but maybe it’s more clear when the unit is actually powered up in Cubase.

Thanks for any thoughts!

Hi Alexis

With regard to the UR (I have the 824 BTW) the UR and Cubase “play nice” together but one thing to be aware of is that you DO NOT use the dsp spftware that comes with the UR at the same time as Cubase, it doesn’t work (and you don’t need it to anyway) You can however use the dsp S/ware to “setup” the machine for power up state, ie what it does before you power up Cubase. One thing that confused me slightly was that by default the Cue Sends are NOT shown in the Cubase mixer, make sure they are there when you’re using it. It’s a good machine, very nice mic pre’s, have fun

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Hello Alexis,

You’re probably concerned that the Control room as well as the UR28M both handle some of the same functions - mono, mute, dim etc. The HW controls are independent from the SW controls so actually you can use either - whichever is handiest or appropriate at the moment. (using both together is possible but not especially useful :wink: )

I usually recommend users to use Mix 1 for the primary Artist Mix. The main reason for this is that a number of things are automatically wired to Mix 1 by default (and can’t be altered). E.g. the Phones 1 are hardwired to Mix 1 whereas the Phones 2 can be switched between all mixes - it follows therefore that phones 2 should be the engineers phones, leaving the phones 1 relegated to the artist cue ergo, mix 1. The 2TR Input is also hardwired to mix 1, making this an ideal Talkback if necessary, without sacrificing a proper input (note this function is then completely independent of the talkback function in the CR - which would typically not be used - set up) this in addition to it’s usual function.

Most important - get it clear in your mind that the mixes and the outputs are two different things and not to be confused. Once you’ve got that firmly implanted, the rest will fall into place.

Can anyone confirm please - I’m not getting a change in levels through the headphones when I punch the hardware UR28M “Mute” button - does anyone else see that?

And similarly - the knob “Output Level” doesn’t affect headphone levels?


All the above is normal behaviour. :wink:
The mute and volume only affects the monitor outputs, the headphones have their own controls.

Typical scenario:
You’re recording an artist in your project studio. You have their cue feeding mix 1 for them to listen on headphone 1. You are perhaps listening to the full mix on mix 2 or 3, and have this routed to Phones 2. You adjust the phones levels independently (for your artist and yourself) and mute the main speakers so they don’t bleed into the mic.

Very helpful as always, BriHar - thank you!