UR28M - ANGL 1/2 & 3/4 to Single Output [Solved]


I’m really very basic when it comes to the use of the UR28M (and all such equipment).

  • I have my Audio Technica AT 4040 going into the Line/Hi-Z port.
  • I have my computer’s sound entering via the Line Input.
  • I have the sound going to a 2nd computer where the software is

Windows being what all the sound makes it to the DSPMLxFX program as I can see the green channel lights moving accordingly, however the program (Open Broadcasting Studio) I want to use the sound only ‘hears’ the one channel (the mic) . Is there a way to output the sound from DSPMLxFX as one channel as I think I can adjust the volume of each separately before they are sent out, so I don’t care if they are on the same channel?

This would solve my issue (I think). However, if there is another way which makes more sense, then I’m open. Keep in mind my only goal is to get the sound to the other program, OBS.

Oh, and I’m the original owner, so I have everything which came in the box including CUBase AI 6, so if I need to access to that I can.

Thank you,


Yes, I’m replying to my own post, because I have worked out the solution.

An Add-On for OBS Studio on Git Hub found HERE provided the correct bridge between the two machines by installing it on the Encoding Machine it gave me the option to look at individual channels inside OBS & then listen to them.

Thanks to all who took a look in hopes of helping.

I will be posting a more in depth solution in the OBS forums for any following in my footsteps later…