UR28M Beeping Sound (Win 7 64bit)

I just received my UR28M today and was extremely excited to plug it in and get it setup. However once I got everything installed, activated, and updated I tried a quick recording. Everything sounded fine in the headphones that I had plugged directly into the UR28M. However, once I started recording on any program I hear a beep every few seconds. It repeats consistently and no matter what I do I cannot seem to get it to go away.

I have updated the firmware and software and neither of those appear to help the issue at all. As I said above I do not hear it in the live monitor, but only on the PC end. Does anyone know if there is a certain trick, setting, or driver that needs to be loaded? I see lots of other forum posts about this, but none of them have solutions.

Just as a quick update, I downloaded different drivers from the site and that seems to have fixed the beeping sound. I tried a bunch of other stuff that didn’t help, but changing drivers did seem to fix this for me. So if you are having an issue, try that and see if that helps.