UR28M + condenser mic

Attempting to connect a condenser mic to my UR28M audio interface. I am stumped. Any information would be helpful. Thanks :question:

So where does it go wrong?
Are you using it with Cubase?
Did you enable phantom power?

No registering signal.
REAPER is the program.
I followed the instructions and got no results.
Very new to all of this.
Appreciate any advise.

At what point is it not registering a signal?

At the interface? then probably phantom power needs switched on, also are you using an XLR to XLR cable?

If ok at interface but no signal in program then probably an internal routing error!

As ever providing some information beyond “it’s not working” helps :slight_smile:

Ok, I have no experience with Reaper so I can’t help specifically, but generally you need to set the ASIO driver in Reaper to the Steinberg one.
Then you need to map your virtual in and outputs in Reaper to the hardware ins and outs, which should be in a connections menu in Reaper somewhere.

After that it should just be a matter of creating an audio track and selecting the right input for it.

Resolved the issue with using the correct microphone cable. Many thanks. :smiley: