UR28m - driver stability and latency in Cubase (Win7 64)?


I’m seriously considering buying UR28m, its specs fit my needs perfectly. However, I must admit that I’m a bit discouraged after reading many (negative) threads regarding UR’s problematic drivers (crackling, pops, hiss, problems with East West PLAY etc.) I also read that drivers aren’t as near as good as those in MR interfaces, according to DAW bench forum measurements. Lot of posts praised the sound quality, but driver stability and (respectable latency) are big deal for me.

So I was wondering if the situation has changed with new drivers?

I’m on W7 Ultimate 64-bit, Cubase 6.5.3, AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE with 16 GB DDR3.

Any thoughts and suggestions are very welcome! :wink:


Works fine here.



You don’t use East West PLAY by any chance?

Yes I do but my UR unit is used in my mobile recording rig so no problem there.

I do have the issue with play and large projects with my MR 816 so I’m hoping play 4 which is in beta will sort this out.

Or maybe cubase 7 and windows 8 maybe the answer.


I’m definitely not going to get UR28m…too many people are reporting problems with it here.

Such a shame, it has great features but drivers apparently don’t work as they should…


im thinking them same dude

im using a focusrite pro24 at the minute but love the look and features and ofc being a cubase user it will work great with it

but i feel like id be going backwards changing to the ur28m as a sound card :frowning:

why dont they bring out a newer version to go with the release of cubase 7 and have firewire??? :confused:

Or USB 3 ? :wink:
The previous series of interfaces (MR) were FW, the new UR series is USB 2 - I would like to think there is some driving logic behind this decision.

The UR works great apart from the issue with EW play which is being looked into with Steinberg and east west. The drivers work fine and there’s now official windows 8 drivers.

The integration with cubase and the control room is superb.

I’ve just done a very mission critical live recording using my UR and it worked flawlessly with my HP elite book.


While I could live with that problem with PLAY, I’m much more concerned with those windows explorer crashes and high level of hiss that people seem to be experiencing. You don’t have any of those problems?

Also, which buffer value do you use and do you find headphone out volume to be enough? I’m using Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pros which are 250 Ω, so they’re a bit harder to drive properly. Thanks!