UR28m in an aggregate device (Mac OSX)

hi !
I’m reading UR28m technical/user’s guide.
I understand that :
1 ) when using Cubase, there is a good “hardware/software” integration (Direct Monitoring with Reverb etc) and the dspMixer application is not avalaible.
2) When using another DAW, direct monitoring, reverb etc are handled by the dspMixer application.

So my “stupid” question, what about using a UR28m in an aggragate device in Cubase ?
Is the dspMixer application avaliable because Cuase considers that it it not the UR28m ASIO driver selected ?
Is the 'hardware/softaware" integration done on the “input/output” belonging to the UR28m device ?

Any experience/help is welcome :wink: