UR28M - Inputs 3/4 HPF

Hey guys,

Quick UR28M question:

Is the 40Hz HPF on inputs 3-4 always enabled? It seems like they are, because I don’t see an “off” options on it, just 40,60,etc Hertz.



Of course there are on off controls, and the frequency can be adjusted as well. Check out the user manual - it’s quite clear for both GUIs.

Not on Cubase as you can see.

Correcting my initial post: I don’t see an “off” option on Cubase, just 40,60,etc Hertz.

On the DSP Mix software there are buttons for the filters, but since Cubase bypasses the DSP Mix I’m assuming Cubase always cuts @ 40Hz.

I’m gonna run some music on it and record the signal with Cubase and Reaper and see what happens, but if someone from Steinberg can chime in and shed light on the matter…


Pg. 19 in the UR28m Manual clearly shows and describes the control for the Cubase specific windows Pos.(3) just as on pg. 13 for the DSPMixFx.

Why do you assume these are bypassed? The Insert effect (Channel Strip or Amp Suite) can be bypassed, but not the Phase and HPF - see the schematic Pg. 35 - 38.

Both of us forgot one silly thing: there’s the LPF icon in the “Hardware” rack for any given input. The screenshot I posted earlier determines the LPF for inputs 3-4 if you engage it at the rack.

I keep forgetting about the hardware rack - everything’s there.

Cheers! :wink: