UR28m - Loopback and microphone input

Hi there,

When I activate the Loopback option in standalone mode (without Nuendo/Cubase), I hear the mic input summed with the playback of the selected mix (1, 2 or 3).
When I use the UR28m with a Steinberg DAW, the inputs 1 & 2 are unusable when the Loopback option is activated.

I’m looking for a way to use the UR28m with Nuendo/Cubase together with Skype.
I need the mic input and want to mix my DAW output with this mic signal for the Skype record input.
In Skype I can see only 1 stereo signal from the UR28m. This is or the loopback signal, without mic when used with Nuendo/Cubase, or the mic input, without my DAW playback (loopback option off)…

Is there a way to have a ‘virtual’ output/input in the Windows system for Skype to listen to it?
Can I send a submix (que, phones, monitor…) with the talkback signal to it from in Nuendo/Cubase?

With the RME driver software all this is easy… With this Steinberg driver software I can’t figure it out…

Who can help?


Connect your mic to any other input. It will be mixed into loopback buss anyway.

I noticed the same thing. When running Cubase and enabling loopback, input 1 and 2 are unavailable.
They are probably taken by the loopback function.

You could set up audio channel. Set the input to where you connected your mic. Set the track monitor to on. This way it should be captured by the loopback buss, even if you don’t actually record on that track, just monitor it. You can also hide it if you don’t want to see it in your project.

Or you can try the talkback within the control room. Haven’t tried it like this, but should also work

The problem with your suggestions is that it’s all sent to the outputs that I listening to with my speakers.
I would like not to hear the microphone input in my speakers, only send it to the input of skype, together with the control room output of Cubase/Nuendo.

I can’t figure it out how to do that.

Remove the UR extension from Cubase’s components and use it without the UR integration.

I’d like to buy a 824 in the near future, but all I see is that UR integration and loopback is not flexible enough yet.

Steinberg may address these issues why users want to get rid of the UR integration, like http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=157&t=81318. It is a great idea and should be flawless.

Any chance to improve the UR824/UR28/UR44 UR integration and loopback with Cubase?