UR28M (No MIDI) and Cubase 10.5

HI Friends
I just bought a UR28M Steiberg soundcard but wasn´t aware about missing MIDI connection :open_mouth: !!.
Well what do I do now with MIDI ?
I have a small MIDI keyboard with USB cable.
Could I use it via the usb port in the PC and at the same time use UR28M as a sound card ?

I uses Cubase 10.5


Try it and tell us…!? Things can be really simple sometimes…

I think its the same like on a Mac and of course u can. Midi over USB has no effect to connected UR28M through USB.

Thanks for reply. The UR28M its a gift from my wife. I asked here cause why open it and try if the answer was :
Cubase 10 can´t both recognize UR28M and midi from another device not connected to UR28M !!
then it is obvious to return it or sell it and buy a new device with MIDI IN right ? !.

https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/downloads_hardware/downloads_ur28m.html for more info about it.

MIDI and audio devices /-ports are two independent things in Cubase.

Well thanks . Then it should de obvious :slight_smile: