UR28M not working well with Cubase 8

Cubase 8.0.20 fresh install (of the 30 day trial version)
UR28M firmware 2.1.1
Yosemite 10.10.4

The monitoring in the Studio set up in Cubase is not being reflected in the UR28M. I am getting strange occurrences. For example, currently, I am attempting to send a signal (snare drum) out to Mix 3 on the UR28M. But when I route to “UR28M Mix 3” buss, I see it playing in the Cubase mixer, but not on the UR28M. I also, can not hear any signal coming from mix 3 through the speakers or the headphones. The headphone 2 jack is set to Mix 3.

In the Control Room, switching from A to B to C does not make a difference. I hear nothing. Also the Control Room does not display any signal even though I see the levels in the mixer.

Direct Monitoring is set to “UR28M Mix3” on the snare drum channel.

So I am baffled. Does the UR28M work with Cubase 8? I did not have this problem with Cubase 5 or Cubase 7AI. Can anyone explain what I am missing?

What is strange is this, When I add “UR28M Mix 1” to Direct Monitoring, and I have “C” selected in the Control Room, the snare signal bounces on Cubase Mixer as “ur28m mix1”, and the snare signal plays through “Mix 3” on the UR28M unit. When I select “A” or “B” in the Cubase 8 Control Room, the signal stops. Can someone please explain what is going on here between these the UR28M and Cubase 8?

Also, now the signal will not route to Mix 1 on the UR28M. I am a long time Cubase user. This is frustrating.

Please advise. And yes, I read the manual.