UR28M Output Noise

I just purchased Cubase 7 and a Steinberg UR28M - switching from Logic Pro and a Presonus Firestudio Mobile. As soon as I connected the UR28M to my Mackie monitors (using the exact same cables + configuration as my Presonus) I noticed a significant increase in output noise (i.e. white/self-noise from the main analog outputs). This is with the Output level knob turned all the way down, and I don’t see any adjustments in the software that have any effect.

Is this expected behavior for this device, or did I perhaps receive a bad unit? I have the latest software + firmware installed.

There should be no such noise. If you disconnect the USB do you still get the noise?

Yes - the noise is present as long as the unit is powered on and the Mackies are connected to mains out 1/2. I’ll check to see if the output noise persists on 3/4

Don’t forget 5/6.

I assume the Phantom power is not engaged?

Also check that the send and return controls are not turned way up. Similarly you might check the Channel strip controls incl. Compressor/EQ settings.
You might also try the mute controls to see if it relates to a specific channel.