UR28M Outputs/Routing

I’m trying to get my hand around outputs/routing in the UR28M.
There are Mix Buses 1-3, FX Bus L-R and DAW 1-2. I think I have a handle on the MIx and FX busses but what are the DAW 1-2 outs for? If I select them as my output bus I get no sound. Additionally anyone care to share any of the mix scenario’s you are using.

I successfully used the DAW outs to send a feed to an external fx box through the spdif outputs.

I created a group in cubase, and assigned its output to DAW 1 and 2. Then in the Hardware Setup screen, I assigned those outputs to go out through the spdif outputs.

That’s the only use I’ve found for them, but it’s a good one.

That similar to the reply I got from Tech Support. It wasn’t really clear where the DAW outs were routed from but this clears it up for me. BTW, what type of fx box are you using with this?
Thank you.

The fx device is a tc electronics m-one. It does digital reverb, phase, flange, chorus etc. I bought it on a whim almost 10 years ago, cause they were offering it at half-price because a new model was coming out.

So far I only used it on one piece about nine years ago, but now that I’ve got the s/pdif, it’s suddenly become interesting again. To me it’s a novelty to have a physical knob I can turn to increase flanger feedback or something. And to my ears it still sounds good!


Curious about this. If you have gear with SPDIF outputs and you want to connect them to the UR, do they sell SPDIF to TOSLINK audio cables?


TOSLINK is an optical audio stream, whereas S/PDIF is an electrical stream.
You need a converter between the two and there are mini-boxes that does the job.

Bumping this.

So, the analog outs are labeled as “Mix” in Cubase and “DAW” is the SPDIF out?

What about the “FX Bus”?



OK, I think I’m not getting something here. Here’s my problem:

I have an analog effects unit - an old echoplex ep-3 - that I’m trying to get set up as “external fx”. I used to do this easily with my old MOTU interface but right now I’m at a loss as to where to route the OUTPUT to. Is there a real mono output option on this unit? The “Mix” outputs don’t seem to be physical routing options, or am I wrong about that? Confused.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There are also adapters which convert A/D for S/PDIF inputs and/or D/A for the outputs, enabling connection to other audio gear with only analog ins/outs.

The outs seen by Cubase are the mix busses 1-3. These can be output onto either physical output pairs A,B or C in alternate mode (meaning you can listen to a given mix on any of three separate monitor pairs- one at a time) or all three mix busses can be output onto separate A B C pairs in independent mode (thus enabling 6ch surround - i.e. any track can be individually routed to any of the 6 separate physical outputs).
The output of the S/PDIF can be selected from any of the Mix bus pairs or the DAW (9,10) out pair, selectable from the control panel for the UR28M and is a good choice for external devices.
The FX bus refers to the internal Reverb Bus.

So if I want to hook up a mono analog external fx unit can I use one of the 4 outputs on B and C while still monitoring the main mix output on A? I’m trying to do this but not sure how.

Yes. This will require you to set the unit into independent mode, sync or bind the sources (mix 1-3) to the outputs, and of course route the track to the specific mix L or R. You will also probably want to disengage link when setting independent mode in this case.
Binding the source to the outputs sounds complicated to explain but actually easy to do - when you’re in independent mode, press output A then select mix 1, now press output B and select mix 2, finally press output C and select mix 3. From this point on use only the output selectors - do not touch the mix select button! You will see that as you switch between outputs, the correponding source will automatically switch between mixes. After this operation, the mix 1 pair are ‘hardwired’ (bound) to the output A pair, the mix 2 pair are ‘hardwired’ to the output B pair and similarly mix 3 to C.
You can now for example connect your monitors to outputs A(L/R) and your device to B(L). In the DAW route your tracks generally to the mix 1 bus and the track(s) being used as sends to your external device to mix 2 (L).

BriHar, first off thank you very much for you replies and time. You’ve already explained stuff here that you can’t find in the manual. I appreciate it.
I still can’t get it going. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. here is what I’ve done step by step in, hardware and cubase:

  1. Connect the input of my mono fx unit output 6R (The last ‘C’ output)
  2. Connect the input of my mono fx unit to input 4
  3. Create a new mono External FX connection in Cubase with the following routing: Send “Mix 3R”, Return “Analog In 4”
  4. Create a new FX channel for my new FX
  5. In an audio track I’d like to record, select the new FX in a send, turn it up.
  6. Go to Devices, Audio Hardware Setup and in the Master Levels tab uncheck “Link”
  7. ON the hardware bind the output buttons to the mix buttons as you explained above (now switches automatically)

Nothing happens. No effect audible. What am I missing?

Never mind. Just got it! All done and working beautifully. Thanks again!

Glad you got it sorted, and happy to have helped. :slight_smile:

Very nice explanation. I wish the manual went into this detail.

BriHar = UR Emperor

My compliments BriHar, this explains a lot. I really don’t understand why the manual doesn’t explain this since it is so important. I almost gave up on this but you saved it. Thanks!