UR28M - Outputs used individually or only stereo pairs?

I’m looking for a surround sound monitoring solution for Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition. I was wondering if the 6 line outputs on the UR28M can be used individually or are they only sent out in stereo pairs. I will be wanting to use output 1 for left, output 2 for right, output 3 for center, output 4 for LFE, output 5 for left surround, and output 6 for right surround. Is this possible? Also is there a software control ability to adjust the output level of the outputs to my powered speakers or will I need to look into a hardware volume control solution as well?



i think its possible, after activating the independent output monitor mode first. don’t forget that output 5 and 6 is in digital spdif only, so you have to convert it somehow to analog first…after choosing the independent output mode, you can assign each mix source to each monitor output…