UR28M reverb confusion

Hi, I have just got the UR28M and I am loving it, especially the integration with Cubase. The problem I have is not being able to record the reverb. I have worked out how to record the channel strip (in the 3rd position) and have direct monitoring enabled. I am also confused because there is a reverb showing on the hardware input strip and another one available down the bottom, what is the difference. Also is there no way of turning the reverb off?


Just add the vst version as a send in your project ,you’ll them have the same reverb you hear on monitoring when playing back/ mixing.


OK thanks, I had thought it would be via a routing option. What about the two reverb controls at the bottom of the hardware strip>?

Ok… I think you mean the one right to the headphone symbol. I guess this one is for the level that you send to the cue-mix.
Look at Devices > Hardware.

When you look at the signal flow of the DSP FX in the input channel you should notice that it is not possible to record the reverb, just the Channel Strip. If you want to record it, get it into an FX-Channel in Cubase, set the send-level of the track, route the output of the FX-Channel to a group, create a new audio track and choose the group as its input. Or simply choose only the FX-Channel when you bounce and import the created audio file.

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thanks, that is helpful

the point of having the VST versions of the reverb means you don’t have to record the rev-x when tracking as you can have exactly the same sound from the VST version on an FX channel.