UR28m signal problem

I have a problem with my UR28m and Cubase 7.5

I have a synth connected to input 3-4 and i can hear it when Cubase 7.5 is not started. When I start C7.5 I can’t hear it anymore. I see an input signal (level meter in the mixer). I tried serveral setting in the hardware device tab in the mixer (also toggled alternate and independend) but no luck. I can hear softsynths and I think I have setup the inputs/outputs and controlroom right.

I searched the forum and the manuals for a solution but I dont get there. With Cubase 6.5 and the old UR28m firmware all worked fine. Please let me know if there is something I can check.

As Cubase takes complete control over the UR28M, the signal routing of the UR28M in standalone operation (no Cubase in this context) can be completely different. So what you’re experiencing is normal.
There are a number of factors involved here.
First and foremost you need to have your Ins and Outs setup properly in VST connections in Cubase - ensure you have Ins 3 and 4 setup as a stereo input pair. You should see meter activity on the input channels. (Enable hardware in your mixconsole channelstrip and bypass the insert if need be.)
Create an Audio track routed from 3/4, and send this to the outs corresponding to your monitors.
Enable the monitor (speaker icon) for the track.
You should now see activity on the track and output channel, and of course hear it in your monitors.

Thanks for the help! Its solved.

I am slapping myself in the face. How could I forget about the monitor button on the track!