UR28M: Turning off direct monitoring.

Does anyone here know if it’s possible to turn off the direct sound on the UR28M when I’m not using it within a DAW?
If I just want to rehearse and play guitar through a standalone version of i.e. S-Gear, I hear the raw line signal from the guitar mixed with the processed sound from S-Gear. Is there any way to work around this?

Running W7x64, and have the UR28M hooked up to a mixer going to the monitors.

Thank you for any help.

I’ve had the same problem and this how i fixed it … hope it works for you.

start up dspMixFx UR28M application and you should be defaulted to the Main Window … this has the little ‘slider icon’. See page 13 of Operation Manual (this can be pulled up by hitting the “?” on the top right hand corner of the window.

P13 explains that the main window is split into a channel area, a DAW area, a Master area, a headphone area and a Mix area.

All i did was Mute all of the channels in the Channel area (there should be 6 mute button you need to press) and Solo the channel in the DAW area … in this case S-Gear (or amplitube in my setup) is effectively your DAW even though you are playing in stand alone.

thats it … you should just get the processed sound and none of the clean/direct sound.

hope it works

Holy smokes! That worked!
Thank you so much, bungodoug - this has been bugging me ever since I got this unit into my house.
Quite the logical solution, but I haven’t even been close to thinking about that.

Thanks again.

brilliant! i am very glad it worked … it had been doing my head in as well.

Thank you.

Go to dspMix UR28M

And Mute the monitoring.

Thx so much. I hoep enjoy Good day.