UR28M VST Plugins

I’m just learning the UR28M - it says that VST plugins are included, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere. How do I use the sweet spot morph and rev on an audio track?

thanks for your help!


Please look at page 16 of the “Getting Started” document that is delivered with the UR28M.
The plugins are installed with the Tools setup and you need to activate your license for them.

hi Pascal - the channel strip and reverb is only available on the input channel.

I don’t see how I can use these on any of the audio channels.

any ideas?


The ones on the input bus are the built in effects, not the native VST plugins.
You should be able to use the native VST plugins in an insert slot on the channels.

  • Do you have them installed?
  • Is the path to the VST plugins in the plugin path of Cubase?