I am thinking of buying UR28M but need to know if I can use my M-Audio soundcard for MIDI in/out alongside it. Also, could I use the audio inputs on the card as well as the inputs on the UR28M (at the same time I mean!) I am new to this and would appreciate any help and/or advice. Thanks for now.

Yes you can. In Cubase you can select which MIDI-input you’ll want to use.

As for the simultanious audio inputs, the normal way (using the UR28m drivers), no you can’t do that.

However, when you install ASIO4ALL you’ll be able under the tools panel to select what inputs are active. I’m not sure on performance compared to native UR28m latency though, although it shouldn’t be that trivial.

On the UR28M: I’ve recently got one. I used an old RME card in another system and had to cut down the budget a bit for a new system. I was offered to test the UR28M and performance on my systems is excellent up to the lowest latencies. Now in end production on a 80+ track production, lots of performance hungry plugins and the UR28M does it’s job and never acts up and absolutely no latency/spikes issues.

Wow, thanks for your reply. Very helpful advice and sounds a good choice as I am running Cubase. Good luck.