UR44 Activation Code

Hi all,
I’m having problems activating my UR44 via my steinberg account. The page is habitually telling me that the serial number I am entering is invalid.
I have tried what I think is every possible combination of the code given to me; ‘xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx’, ‘xxxx - xxxx - xxxx - xxxx - xxxx - xxxx - xxxx - xxxx’, ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’. Case sensitive, non case sensitive, making sure that the 0s and Os are not mixed up… I was wondering if anyone has encountered a similar problem activating this or any other steinberg hardware/software, or if I am just particularly dense. Any tips to resolve this?
I can’t get onto the phone to the Australian steinberg distributor/helpline right now; the office not open till tomorrow! I will get onto them, then. Till then, or after that, any help would be appreciated.
Thank you!


Are you using the serial number on the the UR44 itself or an Activation code that came on a sheet of paper? What exactly is the error message? You don’t need to activate anything to use the UR44… Only to use the Rev-X, Sweet Spot, or Guitar Amp Classics, as plugins in a DAW or for the Cubasis or Cubase LE versions that come with it.

I bought my UR44 used. Am I screwed as far as using the DSP effects in a DAW is concerned? This idea of licensing DSP effects is pretty @*%$&ing anti-consumer I think.

This ^^

You only need the activation code to use the plugs in the DAW. DSP versions of the effects i.e. REV-X and amp sims will work without issue. :slight_smile:

As the previous poster explained, there are two versions of the fx. There is a dsp chip in the hardware with the fx onboard. This enables you to use the fx without latency on the inputs. If you use Cubase, you can set them up in the Hardware tab of MixConsole. If you use another DAW, you can use the external app dspMixFx to manage them.

To use the fx in a mix, you’ll need a license to activate the software versions of the identical plugins. Everything gets installed along with the driver package available on the downloads page, but you’ll need to ask for a license. There is a new version just published on April 15, 2020 if you don’t have it yet.

These units are bundled with Cubase AI, as well. You can use it to try the integration if you don’t already own a higher version of Cubase.

If you registered your unit, you can open a support ticket. They may grant you Basic FX and Cubase AI licenses. I’d remove the profanity when attempting this, however.