UR44 and Sonarworks SoundID Reference Latency Problem


I’ve a Steinberg UR44 audio interface, used with an iMac with macOS Big Sur 11.6.1 and the latest Yamaha USB Driver.

I’ve been trying recently the Sonarworks SoundID Reference App (also the old Sonarworks Reference 4 Systemwide) and I’ve a problem with the plugin when I’m using the UR44 as output.

For some reason, the audio latency is increasing 0.1 ms about every 10 seconds. When I start the plugin it shows a latency about 25 or 30 ms, which is something very acceptable. But after some minutes it has increased to 50 or 60 ms. In a few hours it can perfectly reach 150 ms of latency which is too much. It happens even when I’ve not other running apps and nothing is playing.

I’ve noticed that this only happens when I’m using the Steinberg UR44 as the audio output in the Sonarworks app configuration, it doesn’t happens if I’m using the built-in output of my iMac.

What could be causing the problem? What I can do?

Thank you!