UR44 Basic FX Suite / USB dongle

I read the USB dongle will no longer be supported in 2025 and that we should upgrade our existing USB licensing products software (in my case it is only the Basic FX Suite that came with my audio interface (UR44).

Thing is, I don’t see where I can upgrade the Basic FX Suite.

Can someone point me to where I can do this? I don’t want to keep using the USB dongle anymore, I have to plug it every time I record and want to have reverb or something.



There is no support for Steinberg Licensing for Basic FX at the moment. It is supposed to be available later this year

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Perfect, thank you!

Thank you, @JuergenP ,I came here for this very information (UR28M here).

Do you work for Steinberg? If not, would you kindly please post a link to that info?

Much appreciated!

No I don’t. A Steinberg employee is marked by a red circle on his avatar.

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Thank you, @JuergenP !