UR44 BSOD issues

Just wondering what I should do here; so I accidentally pulled out the wrong USB cable while Cubase and the device were plugged in (the device wasn’t on) and the whole machine bluescreened. I then had the same one occur the next day while closing cubase just using the generic drivers (away from the device), and then a totally different (and possibly unrelated one, just bad timing) when I tried to hibernate the machine.

What’s probably the culprit? i’ve tried reinstalling the drivers, but if it happens again, is it possibly Cubase AI expecting something or other? as I said, the device wasn’t switched on the first time, just plugged in, and wasn’t there at all, but I can’t help but think that something corrupted somewhere…

TBH, this is probably a tech support question anyway, but just in case someone else has seen something similar…!