UR44 Cable configuration for Keyboard (XLR vs TRS)

Hi to all.
Im new on music production and for my first interface I just bought a day ago an UR44. I was reading through an example configuration for the connections and my main question is:
I already have 2 TRS to TRS cables which I use for the main outputs, and 2 TRS to XLR which im not using right now, and I know lines 3 and 4 can be used as mic/line inputs (balanced/unbalanced). If I want to connect a keyboard (Kurzweil PC3 which has balanced outputs and this particular keyboard benefits a lot using balanced no matter if cable length is short), can I connect the 2 cables I have that has 1 end TRS (to the keyboard output) and the other end XLR (to the interface input) without problems? or shuld bought another TRS to TRS pair?
I dont know if the UR44 behaves different if you use the XRS end or a TRS end.

Thanks a lot

It will be fine, just ensure you don’t switch the phantom power on.

I noticed that when i connect the synth with the XLR end to the UR44 I dont need to turn on any gain on the interface. If I use a pure TRS to TRS I need to turn the gain about to the middle level to see same results I did with XLR and 0 Gain. Why?

Shouldn’t be such a difference. Some properly balanced cables will have twisted cores whereas a typical stereo cable will have parallel cores (but in practise you can use either for either use), but regardless, this shouldn’t account for such a difference. If the cables are different in length (and I mean a major difference, like 1M vs. >5M; improperly wired, shorted, or wired specifically as unbalanced; poor soldered or crimped connections (a most likely cause); oxidized or dirty contacts (also a very likely cause).

BTW, A good rule of thumb regarding wiring: Always keep the "R"s together. Ring, Return (e.g. insert cables), Right, Red, Refrigerated (I just throw that last one in to remind that the + or “Cold” (hence “refrigerated”) is wired to the Ring). :wink: