UR44 - Can only use two channels

hi all,

for some reason, i’m not able to properly get all the ur44 inputs on vdmx (a live visuals application for mac osx).
channel 1 and 3 has the same signals, as 2 and 4 too; so i’m having only two different channels from the four audio front inputs. i think this is due the audio driver implementation and how the application gets it.

I found someone having the same problem with a different sound interface on vdmx’s forums and their explanation was the following:

Looking around at some discussions about the 828MkII, it sounds like it passes audio to the system in kind of an odd way. Essentially they pack channels 1 & 2 together as a single stereo audio signal, as well as sending each of it’s 8 inputs as individual mono channels. That is to say, they are formatting the raw audio data in two different ways (three actually if you count SPDIF) and VDMX basically goes for whichever format it can find first for a device and uses that.

does anyone have any idea about a workaround for this? i’ve tried soundflower bed (routed ur44 to sf64, but it seems i’m getting the ur44 outputs routed instead the inputs) and jackosx/patchage (i get all the six ur44 inputs mixed on any channel jackroute outputs) but no success.

thanks in advance.