UR44 - compatible chipsets?

I’m putting together a new computer and need information about compatible chipsets for UR44. I’ve searched steinberg.net for more than an hour now without any results. Can someone help me? (Kind of annoying as UR44 is Steinberg’s own product…)

Not exactly sure about chipsets, but definitely stay away from the ASRock extreme mobo’s. Tons of users (including myself) have had issue with those and the UR series interfaces.

My current board working flawlessly is a Asus Z97-A. Not sure how this relates but what I could find about the chipset is: Intel, Haswelll, Rev. 06. ver

Hope any of this helps. :slight_smile:

As the UR44 is a fairly new device, I don’t expect you’ll have any problems, however for older USB devices, it would be wise to test first. For example, it seems that the Z170 chipset no longer supports the legacy USB modes, possibly as the Z170 no longer support EHCI. I’m not really sure what the consequences of that are exactly, but I did read the datasheet (for the “PCH”) and there’s not much information there.

I wouldn’t however rule out the Z170, which is a fantastic platform, but instead if all else fails, plug in a USB2 card (assuming desktop and not laptop). I solved that problem with an old MIDI interface as described here.