UR44 crashing Cubase 8.05

Just purchased UR44. Upgraded firmware and installed latest Yamaha USB audio driver.Installed tools for UR 44 ,connected to Usb on computer and started Cubase. When it gets to Steinberg hub screen asked to select asio driver but then Cubase freezes and have to close with task manager. Before using the UR44 all worked fine using the generic low latency driver. Have been using Cubase 8.05 since it came out but now can’t even open the programme. Is it possibly the Yamaha audio driver as I have removed it and am using the computer built in audio and everything is working fine. Hope someone can help as it seems I have wasted £200 on the UR44.


I’m using UR 44 and Cubase 8.05 without problems.

When you say have installed latest Yamaha driver, which driver version are you using?

I have the latest firmware version (2.11) but the Yamaha driver I use is version 1.8.5

I know that there is a newer one (1.9.2 for UR 22 and UR 12), but maybe it doesn’t support the UR 44 yet.
In case you installed this one, it might be causing your troubles

Try installing the Yamaha driver that comes with the UR 44 and don’t update it to the latest version

The latest drivers should work fine - pity you don’t mention what platform your using :wink:
Are you sure you installed the drivers correctly - following the instructions exactly (I think you need to disconnect the unit (or actually all usb devices except KB and Mouse)when installing the driver and tools)?
Have you updated the firmware?

Thanks to misohosa, loaded driver from CD and everything now working fine.
BriHar, I am using Windows 7 Pro SP1 , home made computer, Intel core3, gigabyte MB, 16GB ram, nvidia graphics.
Have used Cubase since Cubase Score,still have the old dongle that plugged in the printer port :smiley: !! Never ever had any trouble with any version of Cubase for nearly 30 years till now,but everything appears to be O.K now.
Thanks for prompt replies

Got Cubase working opens and shuts down O.K but when I switch UR44 off I get blue screen!!