UR44 direct monitoring (Mac OS) broken

Hi folks,

since about 1 yr or so, I have the following issue with the UR44 and Cubase Pro (10.5 and also 11):

With Cubase running and Direct Monitoring activated, I get no sound from monitored channels.

The input signal shows up in the meter of the input channel, and also in the meter of the audio channel where I want to record. I can record the signal properly. But in the main meters (main mix, cue headphones etc.) the signal does not show up.

Experimenting with routing in Cubase does not help (switching monitors between mix and cue, or anything).

So I am forced to switch direct monitoring off – then the monitoring works as expected, but I have to live with the latency :frowning:

UR44 direct monitoring and DSP works fine with dspMix tool, while Cubase application is closed, so I think the hardware and DSP are OK.

Behavior in Cubase Pro 10.5 is exactly the same as in Cubase Pro 11.

I Updated the dspMix tools and the USB driver to the latest version (separate download, 2.0.4). I also have the latest firmware in the UR44. Nothing helped for me.

I remember this was working about 1 year ago, might have been with OSX 10.14 Mojave, but I don’t remember exactly.

… anyone with a hint?

Without being sure what’s going on, have you checked the hardware setup inside cubase? I’m thinking since it works without cubase the problem might be there.

Hi Strummer, yes there are no further settings other than buffer size, priority, ASIO guard and that kind of stuff – and of course the direct monitoring checkbox. Only the direct monitoring does not work. Everything else works (recording from multiple channels, sending signals to primary and secondary output. There is no stutter, gaps or noises.