UR44 direct monitoring mix controlled by Cubasis?

It’s great that the UR44 interfaces with iPad; however the lack of any control over direct monitoring or DSP FX when used with Cubasis is a big drawback. Turning on the monitor icon in a Cubasis track is NOT the same thing. I realise this is probably due to it being class compliant to work as an audio interface for any app, and therefore specific hardware features are not addressed by the USB protocol. Fair enough, but how about adding the ability to control these features in Cubasis? Or at least via a standalone app? This is implemented with devices like Apogee Quartet and RME UCX; how hard can it be? I find it frustrating that the UR44/UR824/UR28M contain DSP power that I cannot access because I’m not using it with a Mac or PC. Hard to justify paying for something that I can’t use. I’m looking to purchase a new multichannel interface very soon, but unfortunately it will not be a Steinberg product for now - unless there’s some new developments waiting in the wings…???

Hello microtoneaudio,

We’re currently having a look into this and we will come up with a solution very soon. :wink:

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Thanks Stefan, that’s got me interested! I’ll hold off on choosing an interface until I hear more… :slight_smile:

I was thrilled card Steinberg UR 824.
I bought the said card.I have the same problem with DSP mix.
For this problem I am very disappointed! :cry:

Good to know they are working on it . +1

Today we have released dspMixFx for iPad.

Please take a look at the product page to get more information.

This free mixing app is for iPad and works with UR44, UR28M and UR824. It is available from the App Store now.

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Awesome! Thanks Steinberg!

Great news Stefan! Thank you.

I notice that the iPad dspMixFx has 2 additional buttons on it compared to the PC version:

  1. Expand input level view
  2. Record FX

Will these options be available to the Apple and PC versions soon? They look like useful options.