UR44 driver doesn't work with Windows 10

Hello everyone!

Hopefully you can answer my question.

  • Power indicator does not switch from flashing to being continuously lit in my UR44.
  • When I connect the USB - driver is not installed on my computer.

The UR44 worked for two months with no problems until november, but now the computer won’t find the UR44. I reinstalled Tools for UR44, but without result - the driver is not installed. I asked a few times at the support of Steinberg and made a long phonecall to the support in Hamburg. A friendly man took over my computer but couldn’t fix the bug.

Did anyone have the same issue?
Does anyone know any other workaround to fix this, or maybe another device to use in combination with Cubase 8?

Thanks very much in advance! :smiley:

Stefan van der Voort
The Netherlands