UR44 driver won't load or reinstall Cubase

Hi I would be in need of help because I don’t know what to do and I’m pretty alone in my attempts to make my music work

I am loading the driver of the UR44 in Steinberg and it says its not working. When I try to reinstall the driver from the official site, in the install screen I can’t select the options UR44 driver or elicenser or anything, the square to click is just in gray.

Do you know what I should do?

Thank you so much


Are you able to share details about your computer such as the operating system (OS) and computer specs? Are you getting the tool package and the USB driver from this page?

There’s specific notes there to read about installation order and permission settings etc depending on your OS.

One way to test things is to uninstall all the drivers and tools packages, restart your computer, then try from the beginning again. The USB devices need to be left unplugged during driver installation.

After a restart you connect them and the machine should activate the driver and see the device. If you unplug it and put it back into another USB port in Windows it usually gets confused.

Are you able to also verfiy your USB cable is good? If that has failed your computer will never se the device.