UR44 DSPmix/Cubase Studio 5 integration

Hello everyone, my first post here :slight_smile:

It’s time for me to upgrade my Audio Interface, and, since I’m a long time Cubase user, I’m considering the UR44 for its integration with steinberg DAW capabilities.
I read the manual and didn’t find the answer to this though:

Will the DSPMix software, the Yamaha Channel Strip and REV-X integrate in Cubase Studio 5 mixer?

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I used the UR28m (which is basically the same fundamental HW and software) in Cubase 5 until Cubase 7 was released. It integrates fine.

Thanks BriHar.
That means I can control everything by Cubase’s own console, right?
I’d hate having extra software to set up everytime in order to route signals to the DAW.

As long as the “Tools for UR44” are installed there shouldn’t be any problem.
I should point out that this was prior to the last few SW/FW updates but I can’t imagine these would cause any incompatibilities.

Ok thanks! :slight_smile:

Finally I bought one, and with the software extension installed by ‘‘Tools for UR44’’, it appears under Cubase’s ‘‘Device’’ menu and everything seems ok. Also, all the Yamaha VST3 plugins are available.
There’s something I don’t understand though: DspMix software does not integrate the way I thought.
Actually the mixer in Cubase does not get any added functionality, and DspMix is working on its own. Maybe that’s not a supported feature in Cubase Studio 5?

Ok, I’ve been reading some manuals lately (cubase studio 5, AI7, UR44) and made my own technical opinion about the topic.

-The UR44 operation manual only refers to Cubase7 and its own MixConsole, which has configurable racks and an “hardware” option which lets you integrate the Steinberg interface, embedding Dspmix controls.
-Cubase5 instead has Mixer (3 different customizable views of the same) and Control Room.
-Cubase5 Studio, has Mixer (2 different customizable views of the same) and no Control Room.

I suppose the only way to embed DspMix controls in Cubase5 is via its Control Room. Since Cubase5S has no CR it can’t support that. In fact, the DspMix mixer is active as standalone while using C5S.
I’m waiting an email from tech support to confirm this.

Ok, confirmed by Steinberg Support: Studio 5 mixer is too old to embed DspMix controls.

How about using DSPMix with the regular Cubase 5? Been trying to figure it out to no avail. Is there some way you do it using Control Room?

As far as I can remember, it’s not possible. Fully functional integration is only possible with the new Mix Console. With older versions you can just call the bundled Yamaha plugins as normal inserts and use the audio interface as usual.
I upgraded to Cubase Pro by then, so I don’t remember if that was any different with the C5 control room, but I’m pretty sure it’s not.