UR44 first impressions


3 days ago I received UR44,
I tested it with my PC (old) on W7 and everything works fine,
I sold my focusrite pro 24 dsp because of firewire, I’m gonna to buy a laptop so usb 2 is better…
The focusrite according to my ears is weak on bass and medium bass frequencies, I always got wrong mixes of my songs with it, always confusing in bass frequencies.
The UR44 is more clear and it’s easy now for me to understand the errors I made with my previous interface.

  • the headphones volume is lower than focusrite , I have to set it at 9!!
  • I discovered an issue on audio channels link in the mixer : when you link 2 mono channels in order to get a stereo channel you have a very strange decreasing of volume, nevertheless uning 2 mono panpotted left and right without clicking channels link is ok and the volume is right.
    I hope this issue will be solved with firmware update

I opened it (8 screws…it’s easy) but I have not been able to see which converters ad da are inside…
Do you know which ad da are used? or where to look?
According to tech specs it seems they are the same of ur28m,
the MR816 has AD AK5385 DA AK4358

Thanks in advance for you feedback

best regards

I too had the Focusrite Saffire DSP pro 24 and never liked the results. The reverb was painful for monitoring and the drivers were subject to spiking. I instead used another interface I had - the Roland Quad-Capture which didn’t have the problems of the Focusrite but I needed more flexibility / inputs. I would have gotten the Octa-Capture but it was too much $$$ I was able to get a lower latency with the Focusrite and Roland since the driver went down to 32 samples but overall the UR44 is such a pleasure to use and the recorded material just sounds great. Integration with Cubase massively improves my workflow and the built-in effects are usable.

My headphone levels are slightly lower with the UR44, so I ended up configuring the control room and now with cue mixes and can get the levels I need.