UR44 Front 1/2 Inputs Knackered

Hello all,

My old UR44 has stopped working in Cubase. In the “TOOLS” program, I can plug an XLR mic into each of the front inputs in turn, and and meters react normally. I can monitor the mic with headphones using loopback, all the software and hardware level controls work, etc.

In Cubase 12 Artist, only 3/4 work at all as inputs. When I map them to tracks, and monitor those tracks, I get simultaneous meter reactions in 1/2 (sound into 3, assigned to track, track monitor on, meter for 1 mirrors 3. . .same for 4 and 2).

When I map 1 and 2 to tracks and monitor, I get a horrific howl like feedback, even with nothing plugged in.

Has my UR44 died? Did I mess up some Cubase setting and not realize it? Is my computer dying?

Fresh install of Windows 11 Pro, fresh install of Cubase and most recent Yamaha USB drivers. Pretty sure everything was working prior to Windows reinstall, but I haven’t recorded anything in a couple months.

Thanks very much for any ideas.

Check your UR44 Tools setting to see if loopback is enabled and disable it. You might be hearing a feedback loop.

“Loopback” takes outputs 1-2 and routes that audio to inputs 1-2, so record enabling a task with input 1 or 2 as the source will cause a terrible, squealing feedback loop you described.

That was it.

Man, I’m usually a “read the manual” guy but the combination of complicated/voluminous is overwhelming.