UR44: Getting input with Input Gain knob at 0

I have a guitar (with humbuckers) plugged direct into Line 1/Hi-Z. With the gain knob all the way down, I still get quite a bit of input on my tracks. Is this normal?

Yes its normal, if u need to mute that channel mute it from the software mixer(or cubase if runing)

I’ve got all my analog inputs muted, I still get a input with gain knob all the way down. See image. You can see input on both the UR mixer and the DAW (left meter). What am I doing wrong?

Looks normal… There is input signal but no output when muted…i suppose u dont hear the signal this way. The ur44 knob when all the way down dosnt mean it mutes… There is still some gain in it, look at the specs in the manual if it interests you… You can try also lower the guitar volume down or unplug it if it bothers u in anyway.

Ok, that makes sense. I’m just surprised how much gain there is when the input is all the way down (peaking at -15dB in my DAW’s meter!).
Thanks for the help.