UR44, Hi-Z and phantom power mic into inputs 1 and 2

On the UR44 it seems the +48v button affects both inputs 1 and 2, ( or both 3 and 4)
Is it a bad idea to have phantom power on for a condensor in input 1 when I have a guitar plugged into input 2?
I guess you must be able to have a guitar and a condensor at the same time.
Thanks for any advice!

I have a DI box for a line signal if thats what it takes, but in cubase inputs 3 and 4 seems to be permenantly coupled as 1 stereo track. If I could seperate these I would be fine. This is perhaps a seperate thread but Ill include it here because starting a parelell thread is probably not wise.

Just add another mono bus and assign input 3.
You can have inputs 3/4 as stereo and 3 and 4 as two mono inputs all at the same time.