UR44: How do you route sound to Mix 2 /Outs 3-4 outside a DAW?

Well this has my brain hurting. Bought a UR44 to replace an older Focusrite unit. Can’t figure out how to route sound to Mix 2 / Outs 3-4 when just playing files outside of a DAW. Using Win7.

Haven’t done it yet, but assume in Cubase you just create a second set of busses for 3-4 and assign accordingly. BUT, I also use the system to play music without using the DAW, normally WMP 12. Only connection to the computer is USB.

The Focusrite driver utility (8 In/8 out) allows you either listen to inputs 1-2 through all 4 sets of stereo outs, or to route each set of inputs to its corresponding Out. I have 3 separate sets of studio monitors plus an out to a rehearsal PA board. I knew I’d have a squeeze with the 6 In/4 Out (plus the main Stereo Out) UR44, but if I can’t solve the routing to Outs 3-4, I’m really down to one stereo Out.

Anyone have a solution?

Configure the Ur44 in Steinberg dspMixFx.

Thanks but that’s where I started. Maybe I’m just dense on this.

What I’m talking about is getting what dspMixFx refers to as the DAW (which is really just the computer via the USB, regardless of software being used) routed to Mix 2 / Out 3/4. Easy to select bus out when in Cubase; but playback via ordinary music players like WMP, DAW playback only shows up in Mix 1. Without the added functionality in Cubase, I can’t figure out how to either route playback out to Mix 2 or be able to somehow route Mix 1 out to the UR44’s 3/4 Outs. Nothing I can find in the manual makes any reference to any of this - just the functions of the dsp sections.

Did you find a solution? I have a UR242, and I want to EQ all audio coming from my Mac.

Nope. Not sure there is one.

So to follow up on your comment rtorstrick, how do I configure the dspMixFx to route DAW output to Mix 2? Maybe I’m missing something.



Did you find a solution to route the DAW output to MIX 2 ?

I face the same problem with UR44 using dspMixFx…


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Afraid not. The one response I got from rtorstrick to configure the dspMixFx mixer was the point of the question - how to do that, cause nothing I’ve tried or can find in settings solves the problem. He never answered when I asked him to elaborate and there have been no other responses. So guess he doesn’t know, or there isn’t a way of doing it other than through a DAW as a plugin. And nothing from Steinberg. Pretty lousy support, really. Sorry.

First up, your aren’t dense. :laughing:
What is confusing is that the UR44 manual and routing diagrams are in reference to the ASIO driver routing which both DSPMixFX and Cubase use. They at no point reference the Windows Audio routing which is what Windows sees when it looks for a sound driver. Windows Audio is directly routed to Mix 1 and thus the Main Output. Windows Audio cannot be routed via DSPMixFX nor Cubase.

Makes sense. Really hadn’t thought of it that way, though I did explore Windows audio outputs for a possible fix without a solution.

Thing is, I have an old Focusrite Saffire Pro 10 (8 in & out). Its driver allows the 4 different L/R combos to be selected right from the Windows audio device setup (all show up as system devices & any can be selected as default outs). Expected something similar with the UR; but only a single option appears for the UR with no reference to different outputs. Bit of a surprising shortcoming.

Thanks for your comment!

It’s possible using ASIO-Bridge. It creates a virtual WDM playback / recording device routed to ASIO output / input. Since the Steinberg driver is not ASIO multi-client, you can’t use another ASIO application at the same time.

The “DAW” labels in dspMixFx are misleading. In the “Mix 1” tab, “DAW” and “REV-X” are really the “Mix 1” and “FX Bus” ASIO outputs. Similarly in the “Mix 2” tab, they are really the “Mix 2” and “FX Bus” ASIO outputs. Only an ASIO application can output to “Mix 2” and “FX Bus”. The WDM playback device only outputs to “Mix 1”, and the WDM recording device only inputs from the “Mix 1” loopback.

Agreed Monstieur, thanks. I’d pretty much come to that conclusion. It seems Yamaha hasn’t yet seen the need to code an ASIO driver that will interact with Windows in the necessary way, so looks like I’m (we’re all) stuck with the system as is for now. Really a piss off after abandoning the much more flexible capabilities of my old Focusrite Saffire Pro, as noted in my earlier post.

Cheers and stay healthy.

So, with Reaper its seems to be easy with the “route” function : at home it works :slight_smile: