Ur44 inports are quite

Hi, I wonder if someone can help me. I bought a UR44 a couple of years ago, mainly use for online teaching. recently that I found both mic inputs are very quite and I have to turn the inputs to the max. Does anyone have the same problem? or if you did, how did you solve it? many thanks!

It really isn´t a bad thing to turn the inputs to the max, but if you need more gain than the UR44 can provide (and you don´t use a condenser) there are in line preamps that will help your problem. I use Cloudlifter and Fethead, biut there are many different brands out there and I think most of them would work equally well.


Thank you so much for your reply. ( I was worried that something was wrong with it or I have messed up ). I am a musician, want to learn recording at home, would this cause problem? I am using a condenser.

Thanks again

I would say that the ur44 is perfect for learning home recording, and the gain issue will not be a problem at all.
Good luck!