UR44 instrument input


I can’t find this info in technical specs. Does anyone have info what is the impedance of instrument input?

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The instrument input is hi z and lo z depending on the plug used.

Mic/Line Inputs: 4k bal.
HI-Z Input : 500k unbal.
Line Inputs : 20k bal, 10k unbal.

This is from the Getting Started PDF for the UR28M, I would assume the specs are the same for the other members of the UR family.

thanks, I was hoping ur44 have proper HiZ input (1Mohm), but its not specified officially in manual…I will try to contact support for answer. 500Ohm is not proper HiZ.

The HiZ is 1Mohm. The original getting started manual contained incorrect information and an errata document quoted the correct values.
Check out the following post where I have listed the full details of the UR44 inputs/outputs/sample rates etc



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Thanks for that Stevo, never seen a Revision or an Errata Sheet for the UR28m Getting Started that I’m Aware of.

This is for the UR44 but I thought the Ur28 had the same specs?
Here’s the errata sheet that was with the UR44

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