UR44 Licensing issues on Logic

Hi - I’ve been trying to get this sorted for a couple months, and haven’t been able to find the help I need yet.

I used to use my UR44 in Logic on my macbook with no problem, until I upgraded to Big Sur. Now my UR44 works to connect to my MIDI controller just fine, but no audio will connect to Logic. I believe the issue is licensing - when I start up Logic with my UR44 on I get at least a dozen licensing error messages. How do I fix this? - thanks!

Licensing errors? It is a hardware device…
Could the problem be on the Logic side? Or related to BigSur?

I have no idea. My computer doesn’t seem to recognize the UR44, and I can’t get input for it to work for Logic, Garage Band, or online options like Band Lab. When I turn on Logic I get over a dozen error messages related to licensing.

Apple changed the permissions for audio devices somehow in BigSur… this breaks many working systems… we had a bunch of discussion about this.
Maybe this affects you as well…

It seems like it does - but I hope there’s a solution other than me just getting rid of my UR44 and buying a new interface that plays nice with my Mac.