UR44 Licensing issues on Logic

Hi - I’ve been trying to get this sorted for a couple months, and haven’t been able to find the help I need yet.

I used to use my UR44 in Logic on my macbook with no problem, until I upgraded to Big Sur. Now my UR44 works to connect to my MIDI controller just fine, but no audio will connect to Logic. I believe the issue is licensing - when I start up Logic with my UR44 on I get at least a dozen licensing error messages. How do I fix this? - thanks!

Licensing errors? It is a hardware device…
Could the problem be on the Logic side? Or related to BigSur?

I have no idea. My computer doesn’t seem to recognize the UR44, and I can’t get input for it to work for Logic, Garage Band, or online options like Band Lab. When I turn on Logic I get over a dozen error messages related to licensing.

Apple changed the permissions for audio devices somehow in BigSur… this breaks many working systems… we had a bunch of discussion about this.
Maybe this affects you as well…

It seems like it does - but I hope there’s a solution other than me just getting rid of my UR44 and buying a new interface that plays nice with my Mac.

So what fixed the licensing issue for me I went to

Macintosh HD → Library → Audio → Plug-Ins

In the plugins folder I went to my VST3 folder and deleted the Steinberg Folder which had two sub folders one was called BasicFX Suite and the other was called UR
(Those folders had names similar to my e-licensing issues… for example one of my e-licensing issues was with a REV-X AU, in the folders there were some REV-X files… same thing with the other e-liecensing issues… GA… CHstrip…)

I then went into the components folder inside the plugin folder and deleted the 9 files with similar names (4-GA Classics components, 2 morphing ch strips, 3 REV-X)

after these files were deleted I could get into my DAW without all of the e-licensing error messages and my UR-44 still works fine with it.

I copied all of the files I deleted and put them on an SD card before I deleted just to be safe incase it gave me any problems, but as I said, it has seemed to fix everything.

Hope this helps, I been dealing with this headache for months and today finally decided to do something about it, relieved I wont have to go through the clicking nightmare every time I open my DAW or change the input/output settings.